Frequently Asked Questions


Are the lawyers and other resources listed on the website and/or the hashtag legitimate?
The resources on this website have been verified for authenticity by our volunteer team and provided in good faith. However, please always use your own discretion when contacting anyone from the internet.

I had a bad experience with someone on your site. What do I do?
Please let us know immediately! We're doing our best to verify people, but it's difficult to be 100% sure of how someone will act without booking an appointment with them first.

Are all of the lawyers on the website working pro bono?
Unless their listing specifies otherwise, everyone listed on this website should offer assistance pro bono (free of charge). If you contact someone we've listed and they ask you for compensation, please let us know so we can amend their listing.

I can't find any resources for my state/situation on the website. Where can I go for help right now?
Try posting on Twitter using the #TransLawHelp hashtag with your location and what type of help you require. If you're not comfortable using your usual Twitter account, please create an anonymous one specifically for this purpose.


Does it cost anything to use the website?
No, and it never will. The team of people that are working to verify and add content to the site are volunteers, and some of us are covering the website costs out of our own pockets. We will never charge money for people to access this site.

So where does my money go when I donate?
It depends where you're donating! If you contribute to our Patreon or send money to our PayPal account, it will reimburse the people currently paying for's website hosting, domain registration, and email accounts. Once those expenses have been covered, any further donations will go to paying our volunteer team for their time.

If you sign up with Kendra Albert's matching fund (by emailing, you'll be connected with a recipient to pay for their costs. Although we've confirmed that these this fund is legitimate, we're not directly involved with it – please contact Kendra if you have any questions about the initiative or if you need funds to complete your paperwork.


I submitted a resource to the site. When will it be added?
All resources submitted via our submission form and posted to the #TransLawHelp hashtag are verified by our volunteer team to ensure legitimacy and accuracy. In the case of lawyers and other professionals, we confirm their identity and qualifications by asking for contact information, license numbers, etc.

Once a resource has been verified, it is flagged for our website team to publish to the site. This process might take a while, so please be patient! We've chosen to prioritize accuracy over speed in this case.

Why is there a website in addition to the hashtag?
Think of the hashtag as fast-moving, unverified information and resources, and the website as slower-moving, verified and categorized information and resources. Both are equally important, but they serve complementary rather than identical purposes.

Where are those little state icons from?
We're using the StateFace font created by ProPublica.